Avance Deportivo in English 1

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Esta semana hemos comenzado a colaborar con el programa de radio del periódico digital Avance Deportivo, con la sección Avance Deportivo in English, en la que ofreceremos noticias sobre la actualidad del mundo olímpico y paralímpico en inglés.

Esta semana hemos comenzado a colaborar con el programa de radio del periódico digital Avance Deportivo, con la sección Avance Deportivo in English, en la que ofreceremos noticias sobre la actualidad del mundo olímpico y paralímpico en inglés.

Aquí podéis escuchar el programa completo y, a partir del minuto 89, la noticia relativa a las mascotas de Río 2016. Para facilitar su comprensión, os ofrecemos el texto y vocabulario útil.

Hello, my name is Orla Collins and I’m an English teacher at Nep English School. This is our first section with Avance Deportivo in English. Today we are going to talk about the Olympics and Paralympics mascots.

The mascorts for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games have said hello to the world for the first time. These guys have been inspired by Brazil’s breathtaking wildlife and nature. The mascots feature various influences from pop culture, along with elements of animation and computer game characters.

The mascots blend fiction and reality and were both born on 2 October 2009, the day on which Rio de Janeiro was elected to host the Games. Nature felt the peoples re joy of this honour. From this energy, the mascots came to life!

The Olympic mascot is a mixture of Brazil’s exceptional wildlife. It embraces life in a fun, cheerful, energetic and playful way. It also has super stretch skills. As a mixture of Brazil’s vibrant wildlife, it embodies the tratis of Brazilian animal,s like speedm strengh and power. Communication is stellar and this little guy puts his all into everything “harder, faster, stronger” is a way of life, makes you think of the Kanye West son, doesn’t it?

The Olympic mascOT is a Jack of all trades in the Olympic Sports area. It loves to socialize and meet new people. Its best friend is the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games mascot. It’s home is nestled away in a tree-house, in the Tijuca Forest, perfect for animal adventures and with a birds’ eye view of the city. This mascot aims to spread joy, cheer and unite people from all over the world at this international sports event.

The paralympic mascot is a unique mixture of Brazilian flora. It is able to pull crazy objects out of his head of leaves in order to get out of any jam. It knows all the secrets of nature and understands that with creativity, intelligence and determination, we can achieve whatever we want. It plays all the Paralympic sports and loves samba and all kinds of Brazilian music. Its mission is to inspire everybody to use creativity and determination to always reach further and have fun.

After the mascots’ unveiling, a poll to decide their names was opened. Everyone can vote for their choice from a shortlist of three pairs of names, one for the Olympic mascto, the other for the Paralympic mascot. The name choices are Obe and Eba, Tiba Tuque and Esquindim; and Vinicius and Tom. People can vote at www.rio2016.com/mascots as well as on the Rio 2016 Twitter feed (@Rio2016). Both mascots will have their own website and profiles on social media. I’ve already mademy vote. Now, it’s your turn!

A mascot: An animal, person or thing, chosen by a group of people, as symbol of an event, etc. It’s supposed to be good luck
To be inspired by+sb/sth: To be propelled to do something, as if by supernatural or divine influence
To blend: offer a combination, which contains a certain quality or qualities
An honour: A source of distinction
Wildlife: undomesticated animals
Cheerful: Happy, upbeat and bright
Playful: A lot of fun
To embody: To express, show or personify in physical form
A trait: A characteristic, e.g.: Fun , thoughtful, etc.
A Jack of all trades: Used referring to someone who is competent in many different areas, with many different skills, etc. (figure speech)
To unite: to join, combine or bring together, so as to form a single unit.
Paralympic Games: An international sporting event for physically disabled athletes.
To unveil: To reveal, show or display, by removing a veil or other form of covering
A poll: Registration of votes, as at an election
A shortlist: A list of people, things, etc. which are most likely to be chosen or preferred, from a broader selection.

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