Avance Deportivo in English 2

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En el segundo programa de Avance Deportivo in English, dentro del programa de radio de Avance Deportivo, ofrecemos noticias sobre la actualidad del mundo olímpico y paralímpico en inglés.

En el segundo programa de Avance Deportivo in English, dentro del programa de radio de Avance Deportivo, ofrecemos noticias sobre la actualidad del mundo olímpico y paralímpico en inglés.

A partir del minuto 29 podéis escuchar información acerca de los voluntarios de Río 2016. Para facilitar su comprensión, os ofrecemos el texto y vocabulario útil.

Hello this is Orla Collins, I’m a teacher at Nep English School and this is our second program for Avance Deportivo in English. Today we’re going to talk about the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games comes along every 4 years. It is an event eagerly anticipated by people from all over the globe. The Olympic and Paralympic Games is unique in that it unites all countries and all sports in a joint effort to appreciate what we all appreciate and partake in: Sport. The 2016 Olympic Games brings extra excitement than normal, as this will be the first tme in which a South American country, Brazil, hosts the games.

As usual, no great event can be organised without the help of the wider population. Volunteers are needed in order to help make this gathering an unforgettable moment in history. December 15th was the closing date for all those who’d like to join the team and help make a spectacular event, not just special, but a moment in history.

There are 70,000 positions looking to be filled. By last Thursday, over 200,000 people had already applied for the position of volunteer from over 190 participating countries. Flavia Fontes, manager of the 2016 Games in Rio volunteer programme stated that the applications came in from all over the world. She hoped and I quote, that everyone will “take advantage” of this opportunity and “sign-up”.

People from all different backgrounds, from the age of 16 to 80, have applied for volunteer positions. Many of the applicants are currently studying. On being accepted, candidates will receive professional training for their specific volunteer role.

For those who are concerned that their level of English may not be up-to-scratch, there’s no reason to worry, as a 1 year online English training programme will be offered to all successful candidates. A uniform, transport and meals will be provided, during working days, at the Games. What’s more, this is an exceptional opportunity to meet people from a multicultural environment and to boost your cv, for future employment prospects.

More than 500 different types of roles are going to be filled, from health services, technology, sports, transport, ceremonial production and protocol and languages to customer service, press and communications and much more.

The beauty of the Games is that they not only offer the possibility for athletes to demonstrate their excellence, as part of an international event, but many sports enthusiasts and people who enjoy group work and volunteer projects, can also form a pivotal part of the team.

One such person is Rosemary Mula, a sports’ woman who despite not achieving the level of excellence of an Olympic athlete, found another way to carry on her passion for sport, by volunteerting.
“I have volunteered to help at the Olympic Games for over 20 years”, she said. “I tried to be an athlete when I was young, but never made the Olympic grade. I even thought that my Olympic dream was over, until I volunteered to help the organising committee for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Since then, I have taken part in all the Olympics and even been in the parade at the opening ceremony, always as a volunteer. I am really passionate about sport and what the Games represent, and I think that as a volunteer, I have found a way to realise my Olympic dream”.

Marcelo Orcis is just another person who reeped the benefits of volunteering at the Athens 2004 Games, as an interpretor and translator. He says: “I ended up talking with people from many countries. I learned a lot and made friends that I still have today. It is a very rich environment. It was just 20 days, but it was a very special experience for me”.

Another such volunteer was Emily Yates, who said: “Taking the athletes out on to the field of play was incredible,” and also “I got to soak up the electric atmosphere inside the arenas. You get paid in experience and excitement”. Emily was an English volunteer who assisted stadium staff at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games 2016 is an unmissable opportunity for sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy helping others or putting their skills to much appreciated use.
Candidates are required to be 18 years old by February 2016. They need to be free to work for a minimum of 10 days during the Rio Games.

For more information you can check out www.rio2016.com/volunteers/

All right guys, so that is the end of our news peace for today, so we’re look up some vocabulary and offer a basic translation into Spanish. I’m going to try at least.

To anticipate To look forward to + sb. – Anticipar

Unforgettable – Something that will alwys be remembered – Inolvidable

Closing date – The final moment in which you can apply for something – Fecha limite

Sign-up – To add your name to list of participants – Apuntarse

Up-to-scratch – Of a certain level or quality, as required – Estar a la altura

Pivotal – Something which is important or essential – Esencial o clave

Grade – Level required for participants – Nivel

Unmissable – Something which you cannot fail to take advantage of – Que no te lo puedes perder

Check out – Look at – Mirar

Ok guys, this is our second show but our last show before Christmas so very happy Christmas to all our listenerers. I hope you have a wonderful time over the holidays! We’re looking forward to you tunning in the new year!

¡Nos despedimos hasta 2015. Feliz Navidad y nos vemos pronto en el nuevo año!

Nep English School

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