Avance Deportivo in English 3

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En el tercer programa de Avance Deportivo in English, dentro del programa de radio de Avance Deportivo, ofrecemos noticias sobre la actualidad del mundo olímpico y paralímpico en inglés.

En el tercer programa de Avance Deportivo in English, dentro del programa de radio de Avance Deportivo, ofrecemos noticias sobre la actualidad del mundo olímpico y paralímpico en inglés.

Hello everyone!
This is Orla Collins representing Nep English School with Avance Deportivo in English, bringing you all the latest news from the Olympics. First of all, happy new year, ¡feliz año nuevo!

On our very first show with Avance Deportivo, a few weeks ago, the deadline was nearing for naming the Olympic Mascots. The name’s have been chosen and the winning names were Vinicius and Tom, by popular vote.

Last week we were discussing the role of volunteer work at the Rio 2016 Games. Over 240,000 people worldwide, volunteered for a role in one of 70,000 volunteering positions. For those who have registered, the application process was continuing over the following weeks of December, in numerous areas of evaluation. Currently, all possible volunteer candidates are taking part in the first phase of assessment: A language test. From November 2015, letters will be sent to successful candidates, in order to take part in the interview process.

In other Rio 2016 related news, the Brazilian Olympic Athletes of 2014 Awards took place in the Teatro Central in Rio de Janeiro, on Tuesday, December 16th. Martine Graehl and Kahena Kunze game out tops, in the women’s category. This duo have had a fantastic year, in worldwide sailing competitions.

Also, the artistic gymnast, Arthur Zanetti came out on top, in the men’s category. 2014 was a year of gold and silver medals for Zanetti internationally.

Last year was the first time in which the winners were chosen by a panel of journalists, sports personalities, former athletes and sports administrators, instead of the public. In a separate category, the fans choice were elected by public vote.

Two foreigners were elected best coaches of 2014. One of these was Jesus Morlan of Spain, who helped Izaquias Quieroz become world champion in canoe sprint, while Dane Mortan Soubak was honoured with leading the Brazilian women’s handball team to victory, at the end of 2013.

Many more sports people were also honoured at this ceremony, from athletes, cyclists and wrestlers to badminton and basketball players. A full list can be found at the official Rio 2016 page. These could very well be ones to watch for the 2016 Games.

In other Olympic News, it looks like badminton is soon to be a popular sport in Brazil. In a recent campaign “Discover Brazil”, initiated by the World Badminton Federation, just a few short weeks ago, an attempt was made to being this sport and to introduce it in Brazil. The results have been astounding.

Courts were set up on the beach and in inner city areas, including Rio 2016 venues such as Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and Copacabana Beach. Sports equipment was provided and locals were encouraged to have a go at this sport which originate in England in the 1600’s and which made it’s debut in the Barcelona 1992 Olympics. Nando Cuana and Luana Vicente are a famous Brazilian Badminton duo, ranked 46th in the world. Both were delighted by the promotional work being done on behalf of badminton, in a country where up until a few short weeks ago, this sport, was relatively unknown.

And now, some vocabulary:

Currently – Means at the moment – Actualmente

To come out on top – To make first place – llegar en primer lugar

A panel – A group of people chosen to judge in a competition, be players on a radio or television game show etc. – los jueces

To vote – A formal way in which people express opinion or choice – votar

A foreigner – A person who is not native, from the country under consideration – extranjero

A ceremony – Formal activities carriedout as part of an important state or public occasion – ceremonia

A campaign – A systematic course of activities for a specific purpose – campaña

A local – Someon who pertains or belongs to a city, town or smaller district – Alguien del mismo sitio donde tu vives

A debut – Originally a French word. Debut means a first public appearance on stage, T.V. etc. – un debut

And that’s all for this show for the Olympics in English. See you next week!

Nep English School

Nep English School

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