Avance Deportivo in English – BMX

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En el programa de radio Avance Deportivo in English, esta semana nuestro profesor de inglés habla sobre ciclismo BMX. Puedes escucharle y leer la transcripción al mismo tiempo.

Nuestro profesor Joshua te cuenta todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el BMX en el programa de radio de Avance Deportivo de esta semana.

Hello I’m Joshua, I’m a teacher at NEP English school in Malaga and welcome to another Avance Deportivo in English. Today I’m going to talk about BMX cycling. BMX is one of four cycling events at the Olympic games. The other cycling events are: Cycling road, track and mountain bike.

BMX racing took off in California it was inspired by motocross which is a type of motorcycle racing that’s done on tracks made up of hills, dirt roads, and mud. It soon became very popular and made its Olympic debut at the 2008 Beijing Games. BMX stands for Bicycle motocross, the sport started in the late 1960s in California, around the time that motocross became a popular sport in the USA. The motorised version of the sport was the inspiration for the human-powered competition.

BMX racing offered exciting action at a low cost and the infant sport became an instant hit, especially in California. This led to the foundation of a sanctioning body for BMX in the USA in the early 1970s. Over the following decade, the sport gradually gained in international popularity. In April 1981, the International BMX Federation was founded. BMX rapidly developed a unique sporting identity and it became evident that the sport had more in common with cycling than motorcycling. This was officially recognised in 1993 when BMX was fully integrated into the International Cycling Union (UCI).

When BMX made its Olympic debut at the 2008 Beijing Games the men’s event was won by Latvia’s Maris Strombergs. In the women’s event, it was France’s Anne-Caroline Chausson who took the first Olympic title in this discipline. BMX is one of the fastest and youngest cycling disciplines. Its principle is simple: eight riders compete on a track filled with jumps, tight bends and obstacles. In Beijing, the Laoshan velodrome track was 370 m long for the men and 350 m long for the women. The Olympic BMX Centre will be built for Rio 2016 and located in the X Park. A permanent BMX track for a 300-400 m long course and additional temporary support facilities will be constructed. BMX will be making it’s third Olympic appearance in Rio 2016

That’s all for this week, join me next week for another Avance deportivo in English.

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