Avance Deportivo in English – Paralímpicos

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En el nuevo programa de Avance Deportivo in English, dentro del programa de radio de Avance Deportivo, te ofrecemos información sobre las Juegos Paralímpicos de Rio 2016.

En el nuevo programa de Avance Deportivo in English, dentro del programa de radio de Avance Deportivo, te ofrecemos información sobre las Juegos Paralímpicos de Rio 2016.

Hello, I’m Joshua. I’m English teacher at Nep English School, and this is Avance Deportivo in English. Today I’m going to talk about the paraolymics but before I start, in last week’s programme I said that kitesurfing would replace windsurfing and be included in the olympic games in Rio 2016. Although this decision was made, it has been reversed and kitesurfing will not be included in Rio 2016. We apologise for any confusion.

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will be held from 7-18 September 2016.

The Brazilian city, with its stunning landmarks, will provide a perfect backdrop for the pinnacle of each para-athlete’s career: the Paralympic Games. Around 4,350 athletes from more than 160 countries will travel to Rio to compete in 526 medal events in 22 different sports.

The Paralympic Games continues to go from strength to strength. After the huge success of the London 2012 Games and the Sochi 2014 Winter Games, the Rio de Janeiro edition promises to be the largest celebration yet of high-performance sport for people with an impairment. In his closing speech at the paraolympic games london 2012 the President of the IPC (The international paraolympic committee) Sir Philip Craven described London 2012 as “the greatest Paralympic Games ever” and with record crowds combined with record breaking performances from athletes and unprecedented media coverage it was easy to see why.

Canoe and triathlon will be included in the Games for the first time in Rio and each sport will stage six medal events – evenly split between male and female athletes.
Rio 2016 is also making an effort in improving accessibility standards throughout the city. Until 2016 the aim is that all public transportation systems in the city of Rio de Janeiro will be offering full accessibility, and the accessibility standards of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will be enforced in all new hotels built in the city,

The 2016 Paralympic Games will leave an important legacy, both in terms of improved accessibility in public spaces and on public transport, and in changing perceptions towards people with a disability. The growing popularity of this event shows the Paralympic Games is about ability, not disability – and are about what people can do, not what they can’t do.

Now I’m going to explain some vocabulary:

Pinnacle: The pinnacle of somebodies life or career is the highest greatest stage of it, for example the pinnacle of a footballers career would be the world cup.

Impairment: An impairment means something has been damaged or weakend, if someone has a physical impairment it means a part of their body is missing or does not work properly.

Enforced: To enforce a rule or a law is to make sure it’s done, if a rule is enforced it means that people are forced to follow it.

Unprecedented: If something is unprecedented it means it was unheard of or has never happened before.

That’s all for this week, join me next week for another show. Goodbye.

Nep English School

Nep English School

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