Avance Deportivo in English – Nuevas competiciones olímpicas

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En el sexto programa de Avance Deportivo in English, dentro del programa de radio de Avance Deportivo, te ofrecemos información sobre las nuevas competiciones en Rio 2016.

En el sexto programa de Avance Deportivo in English, dentro del programa de radio de Avance Deportivo, te ofrecemos información sobre las nuevas competiciones en Rio 2016.

Hello I’m Joshua, I’m English teacher at Nep English School, and this is Avance Deportivo in English. Today I’ll be talking about three sports that will be included in the next Olympics for the first time. Golf, Rugby and Kite surfing will make their Olympic debut at Rio 2016.

While kitesurfing is a relatively new sport overall, golf and rugby will be making their Olympic return. Fifteen-man rugby had previously been an Olympic sport but made its final appearance in the 1924 Games in Paris. Golf will be making its first appearance in the Olympic programme in 112 years.

Golf’s Olympic competition will an individual-based competition. The golfers will play 72 holes on several top-level golf courses throughout Brazil. Sixty golfers will compete in the men’s and women’s competitions. The 60 participants for both the men’s and women’s competitions initially will qualify through the World Golf Rankings.The Top 15 golfers will automatically be awarded an Olympic place. Golf superstars Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam have indicated interest in participating in the Rio Games, which will certainly increase the sport’s popularity worldwide.

In Sevens rugby both men and women’s teams will compete in the games. In sevens rugby there are only seven players on each team unlike professional rugby were there are 15 players on each team. The proposed plan is to have 12 teams in both genders.

There will be single Olympic kitesurfing events for men and women that will take place in Rio. The concepts of paragliding and windsurfing will be new to the majority of viewers, but the pure aesthetics of kitesurfing alone provide a reason to tune in. Windsurfing, which has been an Olympic competition since 1984, was removed from the Olympic program in favor of kitesurfing.

Including these sports in the next Olympic games will give the sports as well as their athletes an opportunity to reach a wider audience and gain more popularity.

Now I’m going to explain some vocabulary.

Awarded: To be awarded something is to be given something because you have achieved or won something.

Propose: Propose means to suggest doing something like a plan or an idea.< Ranking: A ranking is a list of things such as schools, business or people such as athletes listed in a certain order according to their performance. For example an athletes rank is their position on that list.

Ok, that’s all for this week, thanks for listening and make sure you join me next week for our another show. Bye

Nep English School

Nep English School

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