Avance Deportivo in English – Patinaje artístico

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Esta semana vamos a aprender algo más sobre el campeón del mundo de patinaje artístico Javier Fernández con Avance Deportivo in English.

Esta semana vamos a aprender algo más sobre el campeón del mundo de patinaje artístico Javier Fernández con Avance Deportivo in English.

Hello I’m Joshua I’m a teacher at NEP English school and this is Avance Deportivo in English.

The ISU world figure skating championship took place on 23rd-29th March. European figure skating champion Javier Fernandez became the first Spanish man to win the world singles title overcoming last year’s winner Yuzuru Hanyu in dramatic style in Shanghai.

Fernandez, who has twice won the bronze medal at the World Figure Skating Championships, scored 181.16 in the final free skate to give him 273.90 overall, edging Japan’s Olympic champion. Capturing the bronze medal was Kazakhstan’s Denis Ten.

Fernandez nailed a quadruple toeloop before falling on a quadruple Salchow-triple toeloop combination, but continued his performance in assured fashion to clinch his biggest title. Victory will taste sweet for Fernandez, who is a three-time European Champion. He also finished fourth at last year’s Sochi Winter Games.

Javier Fernandez who was born in Madrid has had a lot of firsts in his career. The 23 year old was the first figure skater from Spain to medal at the Europeans championships, the first Spaniard to win a Grand Prix medal. Fernandez was the first man to represent Spain at the Olympic Winter Games since 1956. He continued to make history as the first Spanish male figure skater to win a world medal and now he is the first Spaniard to win the world title. He may have been disappointed that he was unable to win the first-ever Olympic figure skating medal for Spain, but Javier’s name is permanently in the history books and what he has done for the sport of figure skating within Spain, is monumental.

Now I’m going to explain some vocabulary:

– Overcome: To overcome means to defeat an apponent in a competition or to survive or deal with a problem or illness.

– Quadruple toeloop: Quadruple toeloop is a figure skating jump that involve four or more turns, skaters take off and land on the same leg.

– Clinch: To clinch something means to make something certain or final.

That’s all for this week, join me next week for another avance deportivo in English.

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