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  • Open enrolment for new students

    The time period for the enrolment of children and teenagers who have never been students at Nep is now open. You can now register your children for our English classes for the 2017/2018 school…

  • Intensive Courses for Cambridge in July

    Take your English title this summer! We prepare you for the Cambridge B1, B2 and C1 exams during the month of July.

  • Summer Camp 2017

    Nep English School organizes in collaboration with 5 Chupetes their third Summer Camp, for children up to 9 years, and this year … we are looking for explorers! The summer…

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  • Blog just, already, yet

    Use of Just, Already, Yet

    Do you find using the adverbs just, already and yet a bit tricky?  If so this blog is for you.  I´m going to explain how you should use these adverbs…

  • When And How To Use Capital Letters In English

    Using capital letters in English can be fairly complicated for Spanish speakers as there are many rules to be aware of. Use this guide to help you in your writing:

  • Linking Words Part I

    Linking words play an important role in the cohesion of texts (specially written texts), because they are used to connect ideas.

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