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We use technology too much nowadays. Do you agree?

Write about:
1. Using Social Media
2. Working or Studying
3. Your own idea

One of the most important aspects of today´s world is technology. However it could be argued that it is used too much. Clear examples of this could be that we depend on it for social media, we rely on computers for research and it negatively impacts our health.

Firstly, social media such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp are now essential tools for communication. However, these applications take our time and stop real life communication between friends and families. Therefore, technology has a negative impact on relationships.

Secondly, most people use technology at work or when studying.  Although access to a wide variety of information may be useful, it might also increase the amount of work we have. One example of this would be responding to emails at work instead of focusing on important tasks.

A further point could be the negative impact on health due to the overuse of technology.  If we reduced the time we spend in front of screens, we would improve our health by exercising more and sleeping better.

Using too much technology is really problematic for relationships. We could reduce the amount of work we do by avoiding technology at work and spending more time doing exercise.

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