Historias de San Valentín en inglés

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Para celebrar el Día de San Valentín hemos pedido a nuestros alumnos que nos cuenten algunas historias de amor en inglés.

Para celebrar el Día de San Valentín, en Nep English School hemos pedido a nuestros alumnos no sólo que decoren los tres centros con sus corazones y dedicatorias a sus más queridos, sino también que nos cuenten algunas historias de amor.

Aquí os dejamos algunas:


Oh, my little bird

For me you are the first
My family are before
Our love is stronger than Thor
I dream of you all night
You are in my heart one light
The light that represents you
We are one, not two





Last weekend I fell in love…
I don’t know how, but I fell in love with him. I saw him and I felt an electric current down my back.
At that moment, I felt the need to talk, kiss and always be with him.
This happened while I was watching people walking by. I was sitting on a bench when a boy who I didn’t know told me that I had dropped something.
When I saw his deep brown eyes, I was mesmerised and I thought that he felt the same when we kissed and we were in our own world.

candlePrincess Burn
A long time ago there was a princess called Burn living in a candle. She lived alone because her father died. One day, she looked at a transparent boy and she fell in love at first sight. She wanted to stay with him but she couldn’t because he said that he was made of water and with only touch, she could disappear. But Burn didn’t believe it and one night, she hugged the transparent boy when he went to sleep and her candle put it out. When the water boy got up, he saw that Burn’s candle went out and he tried to lit it on with a fire person. He found a fire prince and he lit on the candle. Then, Burn appeared and the fire prince fell in love at first sight but she didn’t love him, she loved the water boy. An they lived very happy (except the fire prince).

Once upon a time, a boy from Málaga was walking in West Park and suddenly he saw a very beautiful girl who was feeding the ducks. He wanted to talk to her but he couldn’t do it because he was very nervous. When she saw him, she went to him. She asked him for something in a language that he couldn’t understand and then she repeated the question in Spanish, because he showed a surprised expression on his face.
– ¿Cómo te llamas? – she asked.
She was new in the city and she didn’t have any friends. It was very difficult for them to communicate with each other because he didn’t understand the English language. In this way, they fell in love and on the 14th of February they decided to set up an English academy for other couples who didn’t understand their lover´s. The English Academy was called Nep English School. Nep was the nameof the boy and English the name of the girl.


mirrosOnce upon a time, in a small village from Málaga, lived Megan. She had just finished having breakfast so she went to brush her teeth. Then she went to her dining room but she stopped in her corridor where she had three mirrors. She started to look enchanted and that was because in the first mirror she saw herself when she was 14 years old having her first kiss. In the second one, she saw herself the day of her wedding and in the third one she saw herself with an old man sitting in the country relaxed. The kid in the first mirror, the man in the second and the old man in the third one were the same person and Megan, who was only 20 years old, saw her future in a lovely way.


grandmaCome to see my grandma, please
Happy is she every day
Only she knows how to smile as you do
Come to see my grandma, please
Other grandmothers are also good but she is the best
Laughing is she all day
And very smiling is she
Talk to her, she always knows what to say
So this poem is about her.




Dear Carla,
You are a very special girl
You are my best friend and so, on this day, I am going to tell you a story.
There was a couple who could not be together because their parents had many differences.
The story is very similar to that of Romeo and Juliet.
He was 4 years older than her but she loved him equally.
They suffered many obstacles but they finally managed to come together.
Never give up!

moonA man was in love with the moon and he decided to give her a present. At night, he was saying poems to her, in the morning he was praying to see her the next night. when he knew that NASA was going to go on an expedition he got flowers for the moon. When the rocket arrived on the moon, the flowers fell on the moon and the man sang to her a song to celebrate that the flowers got there.





Last weekend I fell in love. It was the first day of lessons at the academy. My parents had enrolled me because I had failed Maths.
I was very nervous as I had never been to an academy before.
When I got there, my teachers introduced me to my classmates and I sat down next to a very good-looking boy.
His name was John and he was very funny. Two days later he asked me for my telephone number and this surprised me, because in the last class he hadn’t spoken to me, but I gave it to him.
When I got home, I received a message from him. He said that he had fallen in love with me. I didn’t believe him and I didn’t answer.
On Thursday, the last day of academy this week, he didn’t come and I was very concerned. At 7.30 I went out but when I was coming back home, he was at my door with a bouquet of flowers. Then I started to cry and hugged him.

Love story

You have always been that comet, you have given me the strongest and most powerful range of happiness and home-coming feeling anyone could ever attain in the life long journey of searching within themselves, because I found myself in you – we are all biologically, cognitively, physically and spiritually wired to love, be loved and to belong and all I am, and all that I’m not, belongs to you. The magic of true love seeps out of everything that you are so pristinely and captivatingly and I find everything you do genuinely compassionate, because love is only love and happiness when they are with you.


Once upon a time a man fel in love but the woman didn’t like him. He tried everything but she continued ignoring him.
One day, he said that he loved her and she broke his heart.
He got tired of loving her and he said “it’s because I was so sad and angry and I felt very bad”.
After a while, he loves another woman but the first one finally loves him but now he doesn’t love her.

couple2Last week, I fell in love with a boy. I didn’t know his name, but I didn’t care.
Well, I’ll tell my story:
When I got home I suddenly saw a boy. He was strange. He was looking for something but I didn’t know what. I thought about that boy all day. What if he was crazy?
The next day, my mom asked: “Could you buy a bottle of water?” and I said “yes!”. I didn’t want to but I bought the water and again, I saw the boy.
And so day after day, I was scared (everybody stopped next to the boy). One day, I decided to talk to him.
– What are you looking for? – I asked.
– I can’t tell you. – He replied.
– Why not?
– Because you’ll laugh at me. – he said.
– No, I don’t laugh at anyone who’s feeling bad.
– Okay… Someone told me to find the love of my life here. Is it you? You are the only person who has asked me.
– You shouldn’t believe in the first person who talks to you.
– It’s my heart.
– Sorry, I couldn’t be with you because I don’t know you very well
– You have no idea how fast my heart beats when I see you.
I didn’t say anything and I didn’t believe he loved me. To be continued…


Last weekend, I fell in love. It was magic. It just happened.
That day seemed like a normal day, until our eyes met.
I can’t explain that sensation, a chill ran through my body. I froze. I’d never felt this before.
I was scared because I couldn’t stop thinking about those green eyes and that awesome smile.
We looked at each other for seconds but it felt like hours.
I just can’t stop thinking about the way he walked across the room, the way he touched his hair and just the way he is.

Nep English School

Nep English School

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