Poemas, historias y cartas de San Valentín en inglés

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San Valentín ha inspirado a nuestros alumnos para escribir estos poemas, historias y cartas de amor.

San Valentín ha inspirado a nuestros alumnos para escribir estos poemas, historias y cartas de amor.


Roses are red, violets are blue
and tomorrow I’ll be with you.
Your smile is similar to your eyes,
beautiful as the sunrise.
Let’s be free
Be with me
Until the next dawn
Your love leaves me torn

Walls are white, watches are red
and your lips look like peppers
My hair is darkness and yours is lightness
I am the moon and you are my sun
You look like the love that I never found.
Daniel Ruiz

carta inglesI remember you every day
Love, I want to find it
Or find your love in my life
Valentine’s is our day
Every year we wait for this day
You are the one who I want to love
Or the person who I want to kiss
Unique is the love that I feel
Miguel Segovia

You’re my sky
You’re my light
and also you are my reason to life.
I can’t live without you
because your eyes are like glue
to my heart since my eyes looked at you.
Álvaro García

I love to see you smile
I love to be the cause of that smile
I love to see you happy
I love to be the cause of that happiness
I love to see you every day
because I like you.
You are the best person I know
and that’s why I love you.
Lucía Merino

poema en inglésWhen you go out, I melt because your love will always glow
and it will be the way that leads me to your heart.
I love the way you love me.
When I feel alone and I see you, I look into your eyes
and I see a light that appears to me both in the good and in the bad times.
You and I are the spark of the engines that make the cars move,
the light that sends us the sun and other things.
I love you
Happy Valentine´s day!
Nicolás Arenas

You’re my muse
that’s why sometimes I’m so confused
I live in the night while I’m sitting on the rocks
I’m thinking of you and you make me cry
I miss you and you’re on my mind
I would write you like a million lines
Come with me and let’s fly in the sky
We’re feeling love’s power You are my flower
Lasting up and thinking of flying.

Oh, you are my muse and I don’t like to lose
I wouldn’t change you for all the yoghourt on the moon
You make me cry when you arrive
I love your eyes when you smile
Please think
Please think
Don’t let our love sink
Will you tie the knot? Because I love a lot.
Curro San Martín

Roses are red, violets are blue
and I was born for you
Your beautiful eyes make me cry
You are my muse that I don’t want to lose
Please don’t lose this card
It’s sent from the heart
Santiago Moreno

You’re are my muse, yet I am confused.
Stay with me and we can have a tea.
I need to stay with youforever,
and I know you want us to be together
so hold my hand,
let’s walk on the sand.
I thought love was free forever,
but with you, our love grows strong like a tree
Samuel Ruiz


carta de amor en inglés Dear Paula,
Hi! How are you? I’m fine and tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s Day! You are a fantastic person! You are kind, confident, helpful… you are wonderful! I would like to take you on a cable car! We can see all of Málaga! It starts at 11 am and it finishes at 2pm. After, we can go to eat in the mountains and we could have a picnic or, if you want, we can go to a restaurant.
After we eat, we can go and have an ice cream! I know you like them. And I bought you a present! It’s the new book of adventures! It’s a huge colorful book with 300 pages! I bought you this because I know you love reading! But the book is not the only thing… I bought a film! It’s a new film but I can’t tell you the name, you’ll have to see it for yourself! So, that’s the plan for tomorrow, do you like it? I love it and I love you!
Happy Valentine’s day!
Your best friend,

VALENTINE letter englishDear Ignacio,
I love you, I like it when you smile
I like your character
I love everything about you, you are the best brother in the world
Would you like to go to the restaurant in front of our home? At 2pm tomorrow?
I have bought you a pretty soft cushion and a beautiful, cool picture.
I’ll treat you tomorrow in that elegant restaurant.

Hi Lisandra,

I’m writing to tell you about the day I saw you for the first time. I felt many things and one of them was love. Tomorrow if you want, we can go to the cinema together and we can talk about it. After, we could go to an Italian restaurant and we could order my favourite pizza. At the end, I have a surprise for you.
Javi Cabrera


This story begins when Jake was in the library of his school. He was bored and he wrote on the table “I hate studying” in capital letters. The next day, he went to the library again and under his sentence was written “Do you? Focus more on the your homework”. He was surprised by the answer so he wrote: “Thanks but who are you?”. He woke up the next day full of energy, he went to the library, expecting to find an answer but nobody answered him. One week later, somebody said to him: “Go to the square Saints Row at 17.00”. He was puzzled and that day he went to the square. He waited for 15 minutes but nobody appeared. When he was leaving, a girl asked him: “Are you studying?”. He smiled at her and that day was the best day for them.

historia de amor en inglésOnce upon a time there was a heart divided into 2 colours: one half was pink and the other part was red. The other hearts used to make fun of him because he was different. The heart was really sad so he went to the witch´s cabin to ask for a change, but she said he was very handsome and it’s fun to be different. He changed the school and met other hearts. He met one that was divided into 2 colours like him and fell in love.

love story english One upon a time, a cat and a dog were born the same day, on Valentine’s day. Cat and Dog were always playing together until their parents started to argue. From that moment, Cat and Dog could never see each other again. Twenty years later, Cat and Dog began to meet again on weekends telling their parents that they were “going shopping”. They decided to get away for a week writing a card to their parents. When they were on the plane, a hurricane crashed the plane. Cat and Dog survived and they lived onn a desert island forever but in love.
Mario García

IMG_20170215_115151 My only love
It was a normal day when I saw him He was my first and only love and every time he hugged me, he hurt me. He didn´t love me, he loved my best friend. We lost contact. A few years later, I saw him again but he had two children. So my true love became the boy who broke my heart.

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